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Money Transfer

Trust Ghana Money Transfer (GMT) to send your money to Ghana instantly, safely and cost effectively!!

Ghana Money Transfer offers a service resulting in true customer satisfaction through our award winning technology to deliver value for money. Our payments are instant, safe and reliable, offering competitive exchange rates and low transaction rates. We pride ourselves in delivering a service that is convenient for our customers through our numerous outlets in the UK and Ghana.

Our services are compliant with Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations and the Anti Money Laundering Policies.

Why Ghana Money Transfer?

  • Fast service – your money will arrive in Ghana instantly
  • Safe and Reliable service – your money is guaranteed and secure
  • Experienced –with over 25 years experience in the industry, you can trust us with your money
  • Personal service – all our employees are friendly and helpful
  • Convenient service – we have branches and agents across the UK as well as locations all over Ghana through ADB and Merchant Bank branches
  • Our service is available to everyone – you don’t need a bank account or credit card
  • Rewarding service – collect Reward Points every time you send money home with GMT Rewards Card
  • Easy and efficient service – just visit one of our branches and agents and complete a simple form on your first visit only. There will be no need to complete the form on subsequent visits.

How do I send money?

Money Transfers can be made by visiting one of our branches or agents. Payment can be by cash, banker’s draft, postal order and card (in our branches). You simply complete one form the first time you use our service.

How much will be paid out?

Use the Ghana Money Transfer Calculator to see the charges and local currency amounts for your transaction.  There are no fees charged to the recipient for the funds.

How do I receive money?

Funds can be collected in cash from any ADB or Merchant Bank branch in Ghana.