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[introduction] tmall sales monster headphones, known as the authentic licensed without any logo. Return for consumers, tmall requirements issued by the manufacturer identification book. However the origin in the United States, the burden of proof or consumers. The new method has just passed the specified business know fake fake to "false a compensate three". "Everyday 315" focus: the new method introduced, online shopping rights is no longer difficult!
According to voice of the economy, "Daily" reported 315, online shopping has become a very popular way of shopping, but in the online shopping process easy disputes. Due to particularity of the Internet, online shopping consumers often suffer physical and Monster Headphones photos does not match the description, buy quality, uneven and so on fake products.
Encounter these problems, consumer rights difficult. First, to communicate with the seller, followed by consumers difficult burden of proof, the two sides finally reached a refund protocol is more is not easy, it also takes a long time and effort. However, current situation of online shopping rights difficult, in the newly revised "consumer protection law" is expected to be greatly improved by.
College students Xiao Yang is a headset fancier, he usually likes to buy some brands of professional headset. In October 16th, he bought a few long Monster Card earphone in tmall mall a digital store, spent 880 yuan, 100 yuan cheaper than the entity shop. However, received Monster Beats new headphones hopeful in Xiao Yang, but found that there was something wrong.
Mr. Yang: after receiving the headset, found several security code no officials put on headphones. I also went to the counter to look, is this earphone should have a security code, there should be a qualified negative label, I buy the headphones without these two things.
Xiao Yang is to purchase a home is called spirit shine digital monopoly shop in tmall mall in the headphones. It's only in the United States production, sales in the mainland of the headphones are from the Hongkong company called Chang Trading Company agent, it is said that if the buy headphones are genuine licensed, so on the outer package should have the anti-counterfeiting code the "trade cooperation" exclusive and other anti-counterfeit mark. Xiao Yang is the headset fancier, also bought a lot of paragraph of this brand earphone, according to the previous experience, he found the headphones so no matter from the packaging or the product appearance, are not really genuine licensed, they may buy a fake.
Mr. Yang: more than 100 yuan cheaper than the physical store, I bought from Monster Beats outlet store, at first glance, but to buy back to see, I feel this estimate is a fake, and I used to buy things do not feel the same, regardless of the packaging or fake, isn't this headset style.
After the discovery of headset problem, Xiao Yang Ma is to communicate with the seller. But the other party does not admit that he is selling fake, but also said less than is a poor seller, want to this excuse, fraud, this let Xiao Yang was very angry.
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